Virtual Try-on Technology is Fun

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Virtual Try-on Technology is Fun

Virtual try-on not only helps consumers in the decision-making process; it makes shopping fun. Shoppers get to experiment with as many products as they want, at their own pace, until they find the right choice for them. For example, they can interact with accessories in different colors to see what works with the outfit they have on.


When consumers get to try it on before they buy, that means they’re more likely to pick the right product. That translates to less items being returned which saves everyone some time. in the first instance.

And it’s exciting to be able to explore dozens of different options in less time and effort than it might take in the store. And they can capture pictures and even video of their try-ons that they can review later or even share with their friends. That’s an enhanced experience and great marketing for any brand.


Another great benefit of virtual try-ons is that it creates cross-selling opportunities. For example, as a shopper virtually trys on a product, associated options can show up for easy one click addition to the try-on process.


Customers get a much better understanding of the product than just seeing standardimages on the product page of an online store. The immersive experience of virtual try-on is the next best thing to holding the real-life product, which helps shoppers make faster and more informed decisions without being in the store. While not all try-ons will lead to a purchase, it may be the first step in making that purchase. Try-on helps boost sales and reduce returns, while also building a strong brand image and a loyal audience base.


When an online retailer has high-end, more expensive products, like jewelry or watches, virtual try-on can have a substantial impact on the customer’s purchasing journey. Purchase decisions for these items are not taken lightly when the price tags are higher. The online experience of virtual try-on can help convert lookers to buyers.


Virtual try-ons take ecommerce to the next level. When somebody gets to see what a watch or necklace will look like in real life and in real-time, it’s not only impressive but also pretty persuasive. Virtual try-ons help customers in the consideration stage of their journey. And studies have shown that AR-assisted try before you buy increases awareness and sales. 


It’s certainly something worth looking into for your brand. Call on the AR experts at Augmentes, a Houston-based AR technology company, when you are ready to explore AR or virtual try on for your online store.