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In the world of technology, software, and ecommerce, there are many confusing terms, options, and questions. We’ve gathered all the questions we hear from potential clients in one place. If you have any other questions not answered, reach out to us here.

Augmentes Solutions

What Solutions Do You Offer?

We are a one-stop shop for innovative and growth-enabling ecommerce solutions. We offer everything from small plug-in solutions like our 3D Web Viewer all the way to our

Why Do Companies Choose AUGMENTes Over Other Options?

Augmentes delivers fully managed, innovative, and customized solutions. We partner with our clients for the long term to ensure their success.

What Is Your Pricing Model?

Augmentes minimizes your capital expenditure with a flat rate monthly payment for your turnkey ecommerce solution. When you work with Augmentes, we customize your pricing on:

  • The selected solutions
  • Features
  • Number of SKUs
  • And other variables

Get your custom pricing from your ecommerce team.

How Customizable Are Your Solutions?

We customize everything based on your brand and business needs, including:

  • User experience (UX) design
  • Features
  • Flow
  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Fonts

Your customers will not only remember the experience, but recognize and remember your brand out in the marketplace.

What Kind Of Support Do You Provide To Clients?

Your business is our priority. That’s why we provide 24/7 support for our solutions along with:

  • All necessary monitoring and maintenance
  • Platform updates as needed
  • Assistance with product on-boarding
  • Administrative user training
  • Technical support for digital marketing initiatives

In short, we become your outsource ecommerce technology team.

Do You Have Business to Business (B2B) Solutions?

Yes, we do. In addition to providing excellent Business to Customer (B2C) ecommerce solutions, we also can provide Business to Business (B2B) as well as B2B2C. And we do it all on a single platform with a central product catalog. If you want to show and manage your products with your various sales channels, please contact us for more information.

Augmented Reality (AR)

What Is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) merges the physical world with the digital. Some of its capabilities includes the following:

  • Identifying different products
  • Projecting digital layers on top of the items (such as product description, price, etc.)
  • Allowing a shopper to virtually try on a piece of jewelry, clothing or an accessory, to place 3D virtual objects (such as furniture) into a physical environment and seeing how they would fit in

Is It Possible To Have Augmented Reality (AR) On A Website Without An App?

We always say, everything is possible. However, Augmented Reality requires complex calculations by the device in use. A mobile application is therefore the ideal gateway for the AR experience.

In the case that you want to move forward without building a mobile app, we do offer enhanced visualization capabilities for websites that let customers see and interact with products in 3D.

Do We Need To Provide You With 3D Models For An AR App?

While it is ideal for you to provide us with 3D models of your products, it’s not required. The 3D models can be built, and we have a number of 3D model creation partners that can help you with the creation of the necessary assets.

What Would We Need To Provide To Generate 3D Models?

To generate 3D models of your products, we need the following for 3D artists to recreate your products accurately:

  • Images of the product from as many angles as possible
  • Close ups on detailed parts
  • Dimensions of your products

Customized Mobile Applications

Does Your Mobile App Integrate With Our Existing Shopping Platform?

Our custom mobile apps can be easily integrated with any platform that has an API connection. Our team has in-depth expertise and experience working with ecommerce systems and extending the shopping experience to mobile.

Turnkey Omni-Channel Shopping Platform

Why Should We Invest In A Turnkey Omni-Channel Shopping Platform?

Instead of connecting a number of different systems and softwares with no pre-existing integration between them, the AUGMENTes Turnkey Omni-Channel Shopping Platform manages and synchronizes all sales channels – including digital and in-person sales. This solution effectively bridges the gap between your in-store and online shopping experience. If you’re frustrated with…

  • Disconnections
  • Data clean up
  • Mismatched data
  • A confusing roadmap between different software applications

… This solution may be for you. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to see if we’re the right fit for your business.

What Is Turnkey?

Turnkey is simply a fancy word for all-inclusive and integrated. Every solution we provide is fully implemented, operated, maintained, supported, and updated by our technical team so that our customers do not need their IT resources to use what we offer.

What Is In-Store Commerce?

In-Store Commerce simply tracks what happens in your brick and mortar store, drives traffic to your store, increases conversion rates in the store, and helps make each store more profitable. Our in-store commerce solution includes the following:

  • Geo-fencing promotional messages to drive traffic in the surrounding areas to your store
  • AR image and object recognition for more details about a specific product
  • Product location on an in-store map to help your customers quickly find their desired product
  • AR try-on kiosk so they can sample what the product looks like on them

What Is Social Commerce?

Over 3 Billion people use social media and a significant percentage of those people either buy directly on social media or are influenced by social media to purchase a product. Social commerce is the act of purchasing on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram). It also includes retargeting advertising to get a previously engaged prospect to buy your product. This type of commerce should be a critical component to your ecommerce strategy because of the ability to reach more audiences than without it.

What Is Interactive Media Commerce?

Interactive Media Commerce blends digital with physical marketing while encouraging shoppers to engage with your content. It could look like:

  • A customer scanning print materials for AR, details, and purchasing
  • Interactive digital catalogs

What Type Of Business Intelligence Does Augmentes Provide?

Augmentes provides the following business intelligence to clients:

  • Customized, all-in-one dashboard reports for sales, products, customers and marketing
  • Shopping insights on searches, purchases, abandoned carts, and wish lists
  • Customer insights on location, segmentation, and purchase history
  • Product insights on inventory, best sellers, views, and more
  • Marketing insights on the effectiveness of each campaign

Each perspective allows you to make smarter decisions for your business and your customers.

What Integration Capabilities Do You Have?

If your application or software has an API connector, we can integrate with it! In short, we integrate with ERPs, Point of Sale (POS) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and payment gateways.