Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-06-13T07:21:58+00:00
What is Augmented Reality (AR)?2019-02-22T15:23:09+00:00

Merging the physical world with the digital is the core of Augmented Reality. Identifying items, projecting digital layers on top of the items (such as product description, price, etc…), allowing a shopper to virtually try on a piece of jewelry, clothing or an accessory, to place 3D virtual objects (such as furniture) into a physical environment and seeing how they would fit in, are just some of the capabilities of AR technology.

What solutions do you offer?2018-12-12T11:15:23+00:00

We are a one-stop shop for cutting edge shopping solutions. We offer everything from small plug-in solutions like our 3D Web viewer all the way to Augmented Reality mobile applications and comprehensive Omni-channel shopping platforms – all customized to our customer’s brand and needs.

What is turnkey?2018-11-16T11:13:25+00:00

Every solution we provide is fully implemented, operated, maintained, supported and updated by our technical team so that our customers do not need IT resources to use what we offer.

Does your mobile app integrate with our existing shopping platform?2018-11-16T11:14:06+00:00

Our custom mobile apps can be easily integrated with any platform that has an API connection. Our team has in-depth expertise and experience working with e-commerce systems and extending the shopping experience to mobile.

What is your pricing model?2018-12-12T11:17:49+00:00

Our pricing is highly customized, and it depends on the selected solutions, features, number of SKUs and other variables. We charge an initial implementation fee and monthly recurring fees to account for the hosting, support, maintenance and regular updates.

How customizable are your solutions?2018-11-16T11:15:52+00:00

Our solutions are fully customized to your brand and your business needs, leveraging our system to get to a solution quicker and with less effort. Everything including UX design, features and flow as well as colors, logos and fonts are customized to your business.

Is it possible to have Augmented Reality on a website, without an app?2018-11-16T11:19:03+00:00

Nothing is impossible, however Augmented Reality requires complex calculations by the device in use, and a mobile application is the ideal gateway for the AR experience. On the website, we offer enhanced visualization capabilities that let customers see and interact with products in 3D.

Do we need to provide you with 3D models for an AR app?2018-11-16T11:20:06+00:00

That would be ideal, but not required. The 3D models can be built, and we have a number of 3D model creation partners that can help you with the creation of the necessary assets.

What would we need to provide to generate 3D models?2018-11-16T11:20:52+00:00

Images of the product from as many angles as possible, close ups on detailed parts and the dimensions are required for 3D artists to recreate your products in an accurate 3D model.

What kind of support do you provide?2018-11-16T11:21:50+00:00

We provide 24/7 support for our solutions along with product on-boarding, backend user training, technical support for digital marketing initiatives, integrations to 3rd party applications, updates, enhancement requests and maintenance, acting as an extension of your technology team.

Do you have B2B solutions?2019-02-22T15:24:14+00:00

We do! Our solutions can help show and manage your products with your sales channels. Please contact us for more information.

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