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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2018-05-16T07:55:38+00:00
What is the difference between a website and a platform? 2018-05-03T06:53:35+00:00
  • A website by itself is a static display of information on web pages that are held within a set structure. Some websites allow for content management but that is as far as websites go.
  • A platform is a dynamic environment that can create and host a website. A platform allows the user to continuously customize functionality, content, design and other features. Platforms are a necessity when conducting online commerce.
How is our platform different from others? 2018-05-03T06:54:04+00:00

Our Omni-Channel Platform allows for retail activities to be carried out throughout all possible channels, with inventory and promotions being controlled from one single dashboard, synchronizing these activities throughout all channels.

The AUGMENTes platform was built in concert with a wide range of features to increase online sales, bring pre-sold customers to physical stores and decrease operational costs. In this way, we can offer solutions to both B2C and B2B companies.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)? 2018-05-03T06:54:39+00:00

Merging the physical world with the digital is the core of Augmented Reality. Identifying items, projecting digital layers on top of the items (such as product description, price, etc…), allowing a shopper to virtually try on a piece of jewelry, clothing or an accessory, to place 3D virtual objects (such as furniture) into a physical environment and seeing how they would fit in, are just some of the capabilities of AR technology.

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