Visual Commerce - Augmentes Virtual Try-on

Visual Commerce

Bridge the Physical & Digital Worlds with Augmented Reality and Help Make Buying Decisions Easier for Shoppers.

Virtual Try-on and AR enabling customers to view, interact & customize products live.

Commerce Experiences of The Future

Provide in-store like experiences that entertain, engage, educate, and convert window shoppers into loyal customers with our cutting edge technology.

Virtual Try-On

See How Products Will Look
Go beyond static images and let shoppers see products on models and themselves

  • Digital model shots
  • Try-On with models or selfies
  • Save images of Try-On
Jewelry ecommerce

AR Viewer

Visualize Products in Live Spaces with Augmented Reality 3D Viewer
Allow customers to view 3D products in their own environment

  • See and interact with products (e.g. Furniture in their room, shoes on their feet)
  • View multiple products in one view
  • Save videos of the products in the space

Product Configurator

Visualize Products as They are Customized in Real-time
Show products with customer choices of colors, materials, sizes and shapes

  • See changes to product in real-time
  • Simple click from palette choices
  • Update pricing according to choices
Jewelry ecommerce

Visual Search

Convert Inspiration to Buying using Image Search
Augment keyword search and let shoppers find products with a snapshot

  • Find closest visual match in your catalog
  • Use quick pic from camera or another source
  • See list of matching results

AR Scanner

Communicate More Effectively
Communicate more valuable product information in less physical space. When your customers scan product images or tags in-person, they’ll have access to:

  • Digital product details
  • Reviews
  • Instruction manuals and more

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