Augmentes delivered a 37% increase in conversion rates resulting in 44% year on year improvement in revenue for an established multi-unit luxury jewelry brand

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Unleash the power of Virtual Try-on to scale your online jewelry business

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Take the complexity out of your online store and keep pace with the ecommerce revolution. AugVue is easy to use, increases conversions, reduces returns, & boosts customer confidence via

Accurate Tracking

Real-time 3D tracking technology detects features accurately and enables the precise placement of products in selfies, enhancing visual commerce sales. This advanced feature assures your ecommerce site offers the best online buying experience.

Lifelike Representation

The effective deployment of augmented reality technology, assures products look realistic and fit perfectly. Thanks to the transfer of the natural texture, lighting, and color, the virtual try-on experience will be identical to trying it on in person and will enable customers to make quick and informed decisions leading to an increase in visual commerce sales.

Personalized on demand shopping experience

Whenever your customers are interested in buying jewelry online, they can try your products on digital models and their selfies, switch between different products, share their VTO experience on social media, and seamlessly add them to a cart from anywhere at any time on mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Informed Buying Decision

The augmented reality driven tool enables the buyers to visualize how the piece would look on them and helps in making a definite decision. This results in reduced returns and increased customer satisfaction.

Seamless Solution

AugVue is a custom built Augmentes solution focused on ensuring retailers can increase visual commerce sales. There is no need to disrupt your shopping cart. AugVue can be integrated seamlessly with your existing shopping cart and we can use your existing jewelry images. The technology can be implemented fast and easily on all e-commerce platforms, and free support is provided for the lifetime for all deployments, from sign up to commercial roll-out, assuring the process is hassle free. Boost your sales by providing users a world class ecommerce experience.

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Superpower your online store with AugVue - offer the most enjoyable user experience, boost conversions, reduce returns, and expand brand awareness!

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