Top Trends from the Recent JCK Jewelry Show

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 Top Trends from the Recent JCK Jewelry Show

We, at Augmentes, love attending the annual JCK Jewelry Show each year. You can’t help but come away with renewed excitement and enthusiasm for the jewelry industry overall. Especially this year, where there was a more dramatic air of optimism among the show attendees. This optimism is supported by recent research by Gitnux, which points to an increase in the online jewelry market from $21 billion in 2020 to a predicted $39 billion by 2025. This statistic is a testament to the power of e-commerce in the jewelry industry.


As jewelry e-commerce experts, we particularly enjoyed seeing the new focus on online jewelry sales and the advancements in augmented reality that help shoppers better engage with products. More than ever, jewelry brands and retailers are seeing the power of the immersive shopping experience to boost online conversions.

Some of the game-changers we see in product visualization for online jewelry shopping revolve around jewelry configurators and 360o imagery.
That same study by Gitnux shows that “70% of customers prefer customizing jewelry online instead of in-store.” This shows that customers are increasingly comfortable with the convenience of online customization, rather than the traditional in-store experience. And a testament to the effectiveness of online jewelry sales.

360o imagery gives customers confidence when they can see a detailed view from every angle of a piece of jewelry. This contributes to increased sales conversions and lower returns on unwanted items. While there is a wide range of 360o imaging services available. There are more and more affordable desktop 360o photo booths coming on the market specifically for jewelry store use.

 Now is the time to capture the increasing number of online shoppers. Contact Augmentes for help determining the best online solutions and resources for jewelry brands, designers, manufacturers, and stores.