Top Trends from Sundar Moorthi’s Visit to the Recent JCK Jewelry Show

Augmented Reality

Top Trends from Sundar Moorthi’s Visit to the Recent JCK Jewelry Show

As the industry’s largest and most renowned jewelry trade event in the world, each year, JCK shines a light on up and coming industry trends.


Over 30,000 industry professionals from all facets of the jewelry industry joined JCK and Luxury for a week of product sourcing, education, and networking. 18,000 attendees (up 8% from 2022) from over 100 countries conducted business with over 1,900 exhibiting companies occupying 430,000 net square feet in more than 20 different show floor neighborhoods. The industry gathered under one roof once again at The Venetian and The Venetian Expo from June 2-5.


Sundar Moorthi has long been on the cutting edge of jewelry technology, especially as it relates to product visualization to enhance the online shopping experience. This year, he says “we saw more interest than ever in technologies like virtual try on, augmented reality and 3D imagery than ever before.” Further, “As most retailers know, Covid 19 radically changed the world of online shopping, turning attention to product visualization technologies that make online shopping more immersive than ever. Glasses and fashion shoppers were some of the first to adopt virtual try on and other augmented reality tools. But now shoppers for luxury items like jewelry and watches are embracing this technology as well.”


European jewelry brands were some of the earliest adopters of AR for luxury items. Moorthi sees U.S. brands and jewelry stores rapidly catching up.


Additionally, Moorthi was impressed to see jewelry industry affiliates, like insurance providers, looking at ways they can help bring AR technology to their customers. Their goal is to support online retail growth for some of the smaller jewelry stores and companies to help them succeed.


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