Five Reasons Customers Believe in the Power of the Virtual World

Augmented Reality

Five Reasons Customers Believe in the Power of the Virtual World & How Companies Can Profit From It

Augmented reality has shaken the foundation of what is real. The good news is that the disruption that has taken place has had a powerful, positive impact on the way businesses make money, benefiting SMBs and SMEs all over the world. The AR/VR market itself is expected to surpass $1 billion in revenue in the next five years, but more importantly, it is expected to completely transform some of most powerful multi-billion dollar businesses in the world. AR’s incredible ROI is not something that will happen; it IS happening, and any smart business owner with something to sell will take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

Here are five reasons why.

Social media laid the groundwork for augmented reality

Social media was an opportunity for people to interact as they never had before. And low and behold, it has become the world’s most popular online activity. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ all have large global audiences. And every morning, millions of people log on to check statuses, view and upload pictures, comment on videos, share links, tag others in messages and spend hours on end interacting in the virtual world.

How you can profit from social media’s impact on AR

First, understand that any good AR is integrally linked to social media and works holistically, in coordination with social media platforms to create a better, stronger experience for the customer. Any social media method you use to sell – and believe us, social media does sell – will be enhanced to maximize profit with the inclusion of AR as a tactic.

Customers place a premium on customer experience

In the early days of social media (a mere ten years ago) brands were able to capitalize on the new method of communication even more heavily because social media networks were even more novel. The larger cause behind their pervasiveness, however, was that they engaged the customer at the very core of their experience.

How you can profit from the need for a strong customer experience
There is nothing like direct interaction to improve customer experience. AR offers the next best thing. And considering that almost 90% of previously satisfied customers will switch brands due to a bad customer experience and 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience, AR might be one of the very best investments your company can make for 2014.

Customers take an Omni-channel approach to purchasing

A series of trends that differentiate this era from any other have begun to impact the way customers think and purchase. One of those trends is the onset of new mediums leading to more variation in customer behavior. According to Deloitte Touche’s 2013 holiday shopper survey, the heavy majority of customers take an Omni-channel approach to purchase, usually shopping online before going in store for the actual sale.

How you can profit from Omni-channel purchasing
Be where your customers are. Some customers will click a social media button inside an email, click a link to a blog post on your Facebook wall and wind up on your site. If you aren’t there to influence them, you lose the sale. AR makes that process easier by connecting your customers to the Omni-channel process from one centralized, interactive, easy-browse location.

Education through hands-on exercise works.

When people actually use their hands to interact with something, they remember the item better than when they do not. The interaction stimulates the brain, stirring activity that makes them more sensitive to environmental impact. Neuroscience experiments have demonstrated the power of creating brain activity during marketing and sales opportunities.

How you can profit from AR’ hands-on educations impact
Customer previously unreachable via hands-on sale are now suddenly immediately accessible through awe-inspiring applications. Give customer the chance to interact on their smartphones and other mobile devices and you will compel them to purchase more often simply because they are more involved in and stimulated by your product.

Customers love innovation.
We are in one of the greatest eras for innovation anyone has even seen. Two decades ago, the world first saw the potential of the internet. One decade ago, we saw the potential of social media. Now, AR and VR technologies are dramatically reshaping relationships. Innovation is officially here.

How you can profit using AR to embrace love of innovation
Steve Jobs once said, “Customers don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” While AUGMENTes’s philosophy is to engage customers actively, Mr. Jobs’ point was that innovation will inspire customers more than anything else. Show them something unexpected that they will love and you will benefit far more than simply showing them something standard or old-fashioned.

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