Augmentes eCommerce solutions

Augmentes shares its expertise with JCK attendees at The Plumb Club’s Retail Innovation & Education Center

The JCK show attracts tens of thousands of attendees from all parts of the jewelry industry and across the world every year, with 2,300+ exhibitors and 32,400 attendees in attendance last weekend.

Having noticed how far the jewelry industry is lagging behind other consumer sectors in terms of shopping experience and technology, The Plumb Club decided to try and help by creating the first Retail Innovation & Education Center. With the goal to educate attendees on what is possible through the use of technology, The Plumb Club reached out to leading solution providers.

AUGMENTes was chosen by The Plumb Club to represent the latest in eCommerce technologies. Our Augmented Reality, Mobile shopping and Omni-channel solutions attracted retailers, wholesalers, brands and manufacturers from across the world. It was a pleasure to meet and talk to people from across the US, and countries like Australia, China, Spain, Mexico and Russia among others.

As a small demonstration of what is possible, AUGMENTes augmented 73 products from 26 Plumb Club members, enabling attendees to visualize, interact and virtually try on the products through an interactive digital catalog based on The Plumb Club’s Radiant Universe look-book.

AUGMENTes was also referenced by Shep Hyken, customer service and experience expert, keynote speaker and bestselling author, in his presentation on the importance of consistently delivering a great customer experience. Shep emphasized on Augmented Reality and other customer experience enhancing technologies being the way into the future.

If you missed us at the show, but are interested in learning about the latest eCommerce solutions, please contact us for a free consultation.