Omni-Channel eCommerce Platform

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Synchronize All Your Sales Channels

With One Dashboard

AUGMENTes simplifies promotion and inventory management by connecting all your sales channels to a

single platform – growing sales while increasing operational efficiency.


Turnkey Omni-Channel SaaS eCommerce Platform

Accelerate sales and increase your conversions while simplifying your management and gaining efficiency across multiple sales channels.

Support You Need To Run Your Business

Turnkey SaaS Solution

Create or upgrade your eCommerce store seamlessly and experience as much as 10X sales growth.

  • Migrate your current content and modernize your site

  • Customize your eCommerce store with your brand and specialties

  • Manage B2B and B2C in one platform

  • Partner with us to host and operate for you on our reliable cloud service

  • Minimize your initial capital investment

Connect All Your Systems

Seamless Integration

Keep your business running seamlessly and efficiently with your existing applications.

  • Connect AUGMENTes with your ERP, POS, CRM, and payment gateway systems

  • Automate data flow between systems to save time
  • Scale your solution as your business grows

Insights To Help Grow Sales

Business Intelligence

Rely on a single dashboard with customized reports for your sales, products, customers, and marketing strategies.

  • Sales Insights.

    • Understand what your audience is searching for, adding to wish lists and purchasing
    • See when they abandon their carts and what products they chose
  • Product Insights.

    • See what products are best sellers, getting viewed but not purchased, and more
    • Monitor current inventory in real-time
  • Customer Insights.

    • See where your customers live and are purchasing from
    • Segment your customers based on behavior (i.e. purchase history, demographics, etc.)
  • Marketing Insights.

    • Evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign

Top-Level Security

Purpose Built eCommerce Hosting

Security is a top priority because it’s critical to protect your business and reputation. We provide:

  • Auto scales with enhanced AWS infrastructure

  • Level 1 PCI-compliant hosting for credit card payments

  • Multi-layered security

  • DDOS protection against attacks

Market Smarter

Advanced Marketing Tools

Find everything you need to promote your products intelligently and intuitively in one place.

  • Run rule-based promotions with priced suggestions based on your business intelligence

  • Place targeted ads for products that you think a customer would like

  • Use retargeting ads for products that customers have engaged with

  • Automatically send periodic emails to customers and keep your business visible

Elevated Online Shopping Experience

Extend Online Commerce

Go beyond your eCommerce site to reach more potential customers coordinated from your single dashboard.

  • Display your products virtually through your custom mobile application

  • Integrate with marketplaces like Amazon, Overstock, and eBay

  • Sell products directly on social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram)

  • Drive more traffic to stores

  • Better connect your marketing with interactive digital catalogs that make buying simple and quick

Boost Conversions

Interactive Customer Shopping Experience

Let your customers build their own customized products and see them in real time.

  • Reduce friction for customers while offering better shopping experiences

  • Provide more product choices while reducing site complexity

  • Customers can find products, interact, and purchase in a more streamlined way

Create A Comprehensive Sales Strategy That Connects All Channels Into One Platform

Simplicity is key. Capture sales from every channel and manage it all from your AUGMENTes dashboard.


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