Mark Morgan

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Mark Morgan

Marketing Director, Riddle’s Jewelry

“The product works!
The support is fantastic!
The prices are reasonable for the product we received.
It’s just comfortable working with these guys!
I know they have our best interests at heart.
Every one of my e-mails begins with “Hello Team”, because that’s the way I feel with these guys!”

“They brought a specific product to us and we were not sure how it would work with what we were thinking. We were simultaneously bringing on an entire new ERP system and did not know how they would integrate. That was a very daunting thing.“dare we to do both at the same time”. I could tell right away that Sundar understood what we were doing. He was drilling down into detail very early, and made us comfortable that he could see our vision.”

“The mobile app works fantastic! The customers love the personalization tool. AUGMENTes did not just show us what we asked for. They brought “what else” you can do to make a complete package for the customer to give Omni channel experience. Regarding the ERP software program for the entire company: AUGMENTes has been incredibly PROACTIVE in making sure that their programs work with our new software, always coming up with new solutions”.

“We interviewed quite a few companies and saw proposals from $5,000 to $500,000. Anyone can build a web site but (AUGMENTes) was bringing fresh ideas and a road map with completely new macro vision. We wanted someone to grow beyond our own mental limits. That’s what (AUGMENTes) brought us; energy and a full slate of ideas.”

“(AUGMENTes) was usually faster than we could keep up with. If the project ever fell behind, it was on our end. We stayed on time and on budget. Honestly, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!”

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