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Our platform consolidates all commerce channels into a single dashboard that manages all shopping environments available to consumers.

The platform integrates these Commerce Channels: 

Online Commerce

-Online Store Front Website & Mobile App

-Fully customizable and cloud based

-Quickly enables advance digital experiences

-Accessible and responsive on any smart device

-Seamless integration with Amazon, Overstock, eBay, Etsy, etc.

Print Media Commerce

-Augment your print material

-Add new digital layers over physical media

-Transform books, magazines, catalogs, videos or even the product itself into a portal to engage, entertain and sell

-Any media can become a virtual gateway for consumers to buy your goods and services


Social Commerce

-Use Facebook and other social media platforms as a new transactional environment

-Consumers will find your products on Facebook

-Complete the purchase directly on the Facebook site, or the Facebook app

-Share their chosen items with their friends

In-Store Commerce

Augment your brick and mortar stores by enabling your customers to:

-Locate desired items in the store

-Ask for assistance

-Scan items and access their description, customize them, ask for their size to physically try on, etc…

-Add items to wish list

-Complete purchase on their device to avoid checkout lines

-Option to ship purchased items home

-Ability to share transaction-able links of selected items with their friends

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